Pistache Kanye West Portrait – Press Release

Pistache Artists Kanye Portrait


Pistache Makes A Statement About Freedom Of Speech With Their Portrait of Controversial Rapper Kanye West


“Love him or hate him, Kanye West is about as divisive as anyone in modern culture. In our opinion that’s placed him at the center of the debate over Freedom of Speech. Which is the reason why we decided to hand paint a large portrait of the rapper.”

They’re also not blindly supporting some of the almost crazy things that Kanye has said over the years.

“It seems that nowadays, actually telling the truth has become less important than how many people agree with your point of view.” “We’re already getting social justice warriors coming after us just for painting a portrait of Kanye.”

The artistic duo are concerned that people are getting offended too easily. They feel that people have a right to say controversial things. Often the best way to have a truly informed opinion is to talk to people who have viewpoints that are the polar opposite of your own.

“We’re being told that we can and can’t use certain words, when really it’s the context in which you use them that’s important.” say the artists. “We grew up in North London, where the cultural, racial and social melting pot is almost without paralleled anywhere else in the world.”

At the same time, they don’t fully endorse the terms like ‘snowflake’, but they are not about to tell other people that they can’t use it.

Having grown up in a pre-internet world, they understand the difference between saying something to someones face, and anonymously shouting and threatening people online. The artists feel that should be the litmus test. Would you say the same thing to someone if they were standing right in front of you?

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