#11 – Esoteric Secrets of Back To The Future

Is Back To The Future a classic 80s blockbuster movie or an esoteric masterpiece? Nick and Jamie discuss how the film influenced them and growing up in the 80s. They also talk about the movies influence on skateboarding, sneaker culture and other interesting facts about Back To The Future. We hope you enjoy this episode and share it with anyone you think might like it!… Read the rest

#8 Skateboarding’s Influence on Fashion

What is Skateboarding’s influence on Fashion Episode Transcript. These transcripts are generated using Artificial Intelligence, so they’re not perfect right now, but hopefully they are useful to anyone who might need them, thanks again for listening to the podcast.

Hi, everyone, we’re back with The Pistache Podcast. If you like, you’ve been hearing so far and you want to support the podcast.… Read the rest

#7 Can Meditation Boost Creativity?

Can Meditation Boost Creativity

Pistache Podcast #7 – Can Meditation Boost Creativity? Can Meditation make you more Creative, or are Creative people just more likely to try Meditating? Nick & Jamie do some research into studies on this subject, and add some of their own meditation experiences into the mix. Will they find that mediation is useful for creativity or is it just a way to try and achieve enlightenment?… Read the rest

#4 Marvel or Star Wars?

Pistache Podcast Creativity Culture Art

Pistache Podcast #4 – Marvel or Star Wars? Is Star Wars losing popularity? Is Marvel now taking over as the #1 Franchise in film history? Jamie and Nick talk about the past, present and future of both Star Wars and The Marvel Cinematic Universe. They go a little bit geeky on some of the details, but it should be enjoyable for both the casual and dedicated fans.… Read the rest