The Pistache Podcast – Episode 5

Pistache Podcast – Episode 5 – White Men Can’t Jump Philosophy. Is the film White Men Can’t Jump just about Basketball or does it have a deeper meaning? Nick and Jamie discuss the philosophy behind the film & how much it influenced their own lives. They also talk about playing basketball in general & when is a foul a foul?… Read the rest

The Pistache Podcast – Episode 4

Pistache Podcast – Episode 4 – Marvel vs Star Wars. Is Star Wars losing popularity? Is Marvel now taking over as the #1 Franchise in film history? Jamie and Nick talk about the past, present and future of both Star Wars and The Marvel Cinematic Universe. They go a little bit geeky on some of the details, but it should be enjoyable for both the casual and dedicated fans.… Read the rest

The Pistache Podcast – Episode 3

Pistache Podcast – Episode 3 – Cannabis & Creativity. Does Cannabis make you more Creative, or are Creative people just more likely to take Cannabis? Nick & Jamie do some research into studies on this subject, and also add some of their own experiences into the mix.Like everything else in life, it seems like Cannabis has it’s good and bad sides.… Read the rest

The Pistache Podcast – Episode 1

The Pistache Podcast – Episode 1 – This episode is an extension of episode Zero, finding out more about Pistache and the hosts Nick and Jamie Bennett. This episode they discuss Mastery and Martial Arts, Cultural Appropriation, UK Hip Hop & the Creative Process.

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Episode 1 Transcript

This transcript of the Pistache Podcast has been generated using artificial intelligence, so it’s not perfect at this point.Read the rest

The Pistache Podcast – Episode Zero

The Pistache Podcast – Episode Zero – This episode is an introduction to the hosts Nick and Jamie Bennett, who are also known as Pistache. It reviews their work and talks about the future of the podcast. This episode goes off on tangents to talk about Bruce Lee, MMA, Sneakers, Hand Poked Tattoos, Becoming an Artist & Working with Brands and Art Clients.Read the rest