Pistache – Custom Shoes, Hire Artists For Events & the Pistache Podcast

Hire Artists for Events

Pistache is the ‘go-to choice’ for brands, creative agencies, event agencies and wedding planners looking for artists to paint live and customise products at public, private and corporate events.

We’ve worked on events for clients including Reebok, Michael Kors, Jeep, Quiksilver, New Look, The Athlete’s Foot, Roxy & Royal Enfield.

We’ve painted live at venues including the Royal Academy of Arts (London), Galerie Lafayette Haussmann (Paris), De Bijenkorf (Amsterdam), Somerset House (London), KUL (Kuala Lumpur), Home House (London), Sole Bloc (Glasgow), BAB2 (Anglet) & World Surf League Events etc. We can also be hired to paint at private venues for events such as Marriages. [Read more at ‘Hire Artists for Events’]

Custom Shoes & Sneakers by Pistache

We customize shoes and create custom sneakers for private clients & brands like Reebok.We also customise shoes live at sneaker events such as Sole Bloc & in-store in locations like Galerie Lafayette Haussmann (Paris), De Bijenkorf (Amsterdam) & Somerset House (London). [Read more at ‘Custom Sneakers’]

The Pistache Podcast – Culture, Art & Creativity

We spend a lot of time travelling, waiting for meetings and hanging around while paint dries. We were always discussing topics that we found interesting and talking about art, creativity and culture in general. At one point we realised we should be recording those conversations and sharing them with you guys. We did that, created the Pistache Podcast and the response has been amazing. Thanks to all of our existing listeners and welcome if you are a new to the podcast.

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