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Skate Art Commissions by Pistache, from Hand Painted Skateboards to Skate inspired Artwork

We paint skateboard art commissions for private collectors, interior designers & art galleries. At Pistache, we hand paint skateboards with custom artwork. We keep our designs varied & don’t get stuck on any particular style. This ensures ach client has a totally unique piece of skate art. Scroll down the page for more info about Skate Art Commissions.

Skateboard Skate Art Graphics
Skate Art Skateboard Artists

Corporate & B2B Skate Art Commissions & Brand Collab Enquiries

  • Email and mark for the attention of Jamie or Phone/WhatsApp 0033(0)621106149.
  • The more detail you provide about your project, the quicker we can reply with an informed answer.
Skate Art Skateboard Artists

Private Skateboard Art Commissions from Pistache

  • To order a skateboard art commission, please email
  • We hold stock of different shaped skateboards. We’ve got modern ‘popsicle’ decks, hand-made Californian Old School ‘Pool’ decks & cruisers.
  • We can get hold of almost any shape skateboard, if you have something specific in mind.
  • We’ve also got a collection of vintage 80s & 90s skateboards. These can be hand painted just like any other skateboard.
  • Worldwide shipping & guaranteed delivery dates upon request.
Skate Art Skateboard Artists
Skate Art Skateboard Artists
Skate Art Skateboard Artists
Skate Art Skateboard Artists
Skate Art Skateboard Artists
Skateboard Artists
Skateboard Artists
Custom Skateboards

Exploring the Vibrant Canvas: A Deep Dive into the History of Skateboard Art

Skateboarding is not just a sport; it’s an art form that extends beyond the wheels and decks. The history of skateboard art is a captivating journey, reflecting the rebellious spirit and creativity of the subculture. Let’s dive into the evolution of this unique art form.

  1. Birth of Skateboard Culture
    Skateboarding originated in the 1950s, but it wasn’t until the 1970s that it blossomed into a cultural phenomenon. Surfers and urban youth adopted skateboarding, giving rise to a distinct subculture that craved self-expression.
  2. Z-Boys and the Revolution
    The Zephyr Skate Team, known as the Z-Boys, played a pivotal role in shaping skateboard culture. Their innovative tricks and style inspired a generation and set the stage for the intersection of skateboarding and visual arts.
  3. Skateboard Art as a Canvas
    Skateboard decks became a canvas for artistic expression. Artists like Jim Phillips and VCJ brought vivid graphics to decks, blending punk, street art, and surrealism. Each deck became a unique piece of urban art.
  4. Evolution of Styles and Techniques
    As skateboarding evolved, so did its art. From the bold and vibrant graphics of the ’80s to the minimalistic and abstract designs of the ’90s, skateboard art mirrored the changing aesthetics of each era.
  5. Global Impact
    Skateboarding’s global popularity in the late 20th century spread skate art worldwide. Different cultures infused their artistic influences into decks, creating a rich tapestry of diverse styles.
  6. Digital Age and Beyond
    The digital age brought new possibilities for skateboard art, with artists exploring digital mediums. Despite the changes, the rebellious spirit and artistic freedom of skateboard art remain intact.

In conclusion, the history of skate art is a dynamic narrative of rebellion, creativity, and cultural evolution. From the streets to galleries, skate art continues to push boundaries and inspire, proving that sometimes, the most powerful art is found on four wheels. You want to learn more about the history of skateboarding?

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